Sexual Healing, Intimacy Consulting and Ministerial Services

  • Deep Listening
    Deep Listening
  • Praying our Intentions
    Praying our Intentions
  • Sadness coming up...
    Sadness coming up...
  • Gently holding the process
    Gently holding the process
  • Joyous Graditude
    Joyous Graditude
  • Sister Soul Gazing
    Sister Soul Gazing
  • Coming into Completion
    Coming into Completion
Deep Listening
Deep Listening

These images are from a Fire Woman workshop at the Pine Crone Labyrinth Retreat Center in Bastrop, Texas. We worked deeply into the ways that we judge and disrespect our beautiful female bodies. It was a very sweet and empowering weekend! 

Sensual Wisdom specializes in the growth, balance and full realization of intimate potential within individuals and between couples. Through spiritual healing, meditative techniques, tantric exercises and other methods, couples and individuals in all stages of life, love and desire are given the tools to unlock their emotional and physical intimacy, 

Each online or in-person session is customized to suit the needs of the client(s). Couples are given the path to engage on new levels of emotional depth, to revitalize their relationship, overcome barriers and reach new heights of tender and erotic fulfillment. Singles explore their own desire, intimate connections, sexual energies and the journey towards achieving them with another. Sensual Wisdom invites couples, singles of all sexual orientations to work towards true personal and shared enrichment, and does not discriminate on any basis. 

Sensual Wisdom is a relaxing, accepting environment for all to openly share and conquer romantic hurtles, personal trials and other obstacles to full sexual and emotional connection. Call or write to arrange your sexual/ spiritual healing session soon. 

Sensual Wisdom's Mission ~

To promote love, compassion, kindness and healing through projects and private consultations focused on the embodiment of Spirit into Form.

2014 is the Year of the Horse! And it's almost over...

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Horse Wisdom

I am affiliated with The Mustang Center, a wonderful horse facility west of Longmont, and north of Boulder. Horses are all about healthy relationship and playful discovery. They slow us down by showing us how to live in the present moment (unless it is close to mealtime!) and invite us to explore our innate animal bodies. The smells and sounds of a barn can reset the stress of daily life and bring appreciation for all that we have around us. Read more...

Healing Arts Studio

Over the many years that I have been involved with what I call 'Change Work' with people, I have gathered many tools and modalities to assist in creating elegant and lasting change for my clients. I have studied energy healing and find much support from high quality essential oils and flower essences. I offer Osho Zen Tarot card readings for fun and guidance. My work has evolved over the years. I now work from my ministerial background, with a consulting model. Read more...

Infinite Possibilities

In June, 2013, I was trained to teach Infinite Possibilities, a program developed by Mike Dooley. I highly recommend that you sign up for the Messages from the Universe and browse the site a bit. Read more...